Catalyst Measuring Syringes

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You may purchase Catalyst measuring syringes from us, or on your own, and these are very useful when dealing with small amounts of resin and catalyst. For example, when using 1 quart of Polyester resin, it's easy to overshoot the amount of MEKP needed, causing an overreaction leading to undesirable smoke/steam from the resin, and a higher overall exothermic reaction. This may also burn your model. Syringes make it easy to get reliable amounts of MEKP for the resin to avoid this.


Avoid Splashing MEKP As It Is Corrosive

With at least one of these syringes, there is the tendency for the MEKP to splash out, when near the very end of the plunger (when it's near empty). Just exercise some caution. MEKP, while not extremely dangerous, is still corrosive to skin, and you want to avoid getting it on your person.