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Welcome to the Advance Coatings Wiki. Here you will find instructions

and documentation on the use of our products. Please bear with us as

we build this site.

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Safety Data Sheets

This site is an informal "How To" for users of our products. For official safety materials, request an MSDS/SDS via email at:

info <at> Please include your name, company, and the product.


Aliphatic Urethane - A general purpose finish coating.

Epoxy - A highly reactive mixture that forms a strong coat.

Nap Roller

Acetone - A general purpose solvent, for cleaning uncured resins from tools or workspaces.

Hand Lay Up Guide - Tips for Fiberglass Application

Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide - A Hardener/Catalyst for resins.

Gallery - Images of recent work.