Hull and Deck Putty

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Hull & Deck putty is a polyester resin based putty we manufacture and sell. It is mixed with a small amount of catalyst (Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide or MEKP), and hardens within a few minutes.

Usage Tips

If Acetone is my first favorite tool at this company, than Hull & Deck Putty is my second. It is easy to use, and is useful in a variety of situations.

The ability to adhere will vary depending on the material and surface prep. Here putty from PVC to a weather treated 4x4 works well.

I find myself using it as a glue. You can use it to really lock something into place, such as the pvc pipe attached to a 4x4 wooden post pictured here. In this scenario, I used a liberal amount of putty to keep the pipe from moving around. This was a stand for a weather station.

However the above is difficult to reverse, should you want to take things apart. While you can sand it down, it may be more trouble than it's worth. For temporary installations, another way to use it is to apply small spots of the glue at various points, such as you might when making tack welds. These can be easily chiseled off if kept small enough. I have used such tack putty welds to keep my weather station from rotating where it sits on a metal pole. It's just enough to keep it from moving, while still removable.

A can keeps for a couple months if kept in a cool and dark place. Keep the cover on when not in use. Use a large popsicle stick and a paper cup to mix a small amount. It can cure quickly if you use too much catalyst, but since the quantity is low, it's easy to try again. The images below are my preferred way to use it around the shop, as an ad-hoc adhesive.