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A good respirator with filters specifically for Organic Vapours will make working with these chemicals easier. Note that this is more than just a particulate filter, the organic vapours filter will block some of the resin fumes from getting through to your lungs, and the acid gas aspect of the filter filter may block some of the MEKP fumes.



A recommended Respirator would be the Moldex 7000 Series Reusable Half Mask Respirator link: Note that we sell smaller disposable dust masks, not these.

You should purchase a filter for organic vapors such as the Moldex #7300 Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridges For 7000/7800/9000 Series Respirators link:

You don't have to go with Moldex. There are similar products from 3M. Likely any well known name brand will offer adequate protection. I would recommend buying from official distributors for a product like this. It is not worth cutting corners for a proper respirator.


Safety Goggles Fit Better Over A Respirator Than Glasses

These respirators, while very good, are not designed for use with traditional safety glasses you might find at the big box hardware stores. The seal around the cheeks and nose may cause a slightly off fit (depending on the glasses of course). This means that there is more of an opening for debris to get into your eyes. Usually the glasses are offset slightly high, causing the bottom opening to be unacceptably large.

See the page on Safety Goggles for more details on the proper Goggles to purchase.

Goggles are Often Necessary Protection as Well

A proper gas mask will protect you from breathing vapours, but consider that your eyes are also vulnerable to noxious gases, or especially splashing (from chemicals such as Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide). You can either purchase a gas mask + goggle combination where they are all one piece or you can separate them out in a modular fashion (which I prefer) so the goggles can be replaced if they get scratched. The benefit of using goggles is that they don't generally need any ventilation, so they can have a rubber seal.

So not only do goggles fit better around the respirator, but they may be necessary, if there are any strong vapours.

Get the Right Filters for your Application

Respirators, are a must get for working with chemicals. There are a few different filters that cover 'organic vapours'. This particular one (#7300) also covers acid gas, so it will help block some noxious acid gases (such as MEKP). For more information about different filters to purchase, see something like the Chemical Compatibility Chart which details what filters are applicable for what chemicals.