Catalyst Measuring Syringes

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You may purchase Catalyst measuring syringes from us, or on your own, and these are useful when dealing with small amounts of resin and catalyst. For example, when using small amounts of Polyester resin, it's easy to overshoot the amount of MEKP needed, causing an overreaction leading to undesirable smoke/steam from the resin, and a higher temperature / exothermic reaction. This may also burn what you are working on. Syringes make it easy to get reliable amounts of MEKP for the resin to avoid this.


Avoid Splashing MEKP As It Is Corrosive

With at least one of these syringes, there is the tendency for the MEKP to splash out, when near the very end of the plunger (when it's near empty). Just exercise some caution. MEKP, while not extremely dangerous (the type we sell is diluted to some degree), is still corrosive to skin, and you want to avoid getting it on yourself. You will also want to avoid spilling it on the floor, somewhat more so than you would for acetone or resin.

Syringes such as these can be found quite cheap ($1) in places such as the pharmacy or the pharmacy section of a grocery store.

Find a Standard Quantity

I find myself working in 1 quart, or 1/2 quart amounts of resin at a time, and have a general understanding that 1 quart of resin will require about 7 ml on the syringe of MEKP for a cure of a thin film (8040), and 3 ml for curing a large mass slowly. Generally, you will want to run a test before adding lots of resin and catalyst.

Flush Syringe with Acetone After Using

The acetone will help keep the MEKP from clogging up the syringe.

Size the Syringe to Your Application

For 1 quart of (let's assume we are using 8040 general purpose) resin, you will want a 20ml syringe. This 10ml syringe I use for half quarts. Note that it's nice to have different sizes of syringes, as you can get finer control with the smaller syringes. They are lighter and easier to use.