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We currently recommend a 3/16-inch Nap Roller to be used with our Epoxy and Urethane products. This is a non-standard size and should be ordered beforehand - many retail stores do not carry this size in stock. The 3/16-inch roller will fit on a standard paint roller. It is also recommended to use a pole, that attaches to the paint roller. Advance Coatings can supply Nap Rollers, Poles, and Paint Rollers for use of its products.

Note that for Polyester Resin you may want to use Aluminum Laminating Rollers.

How to Use a Nap Roller with Urethane (ex. Hardwood Flooring)

The technique of using a Nap Roller, is to put a moderate amount of urethane on the floor. Then, pull the roller ahead of the urethane, back towards yourself. It is generally better to pull the roller, than to push it (Pushing a roller, can cause urethane/epoxy to spit forward, and these drops won't level right). You do not need to push down on the roller, as you might when painting. This is not necessary with Urethane. You want the roller to pull any pools of urethane towards yourself, until the pool is exhausted. You can go with or against the grain in a hardwood floor. There is no requirement to go with the grain.


Buy a Quality Nap Roller

Buy a Nap Roller that is made for solvents, and is of a good quality. Poor Nap Rollers will dissolve or otherwise lose fibers in the finish when applying.

Rollers have many lengths. Larger sizes work faster, but are messier.

Nap Rollers come in Various Lengths

There are different length rollers which will fit an appropriately sized paint roller. For large rooms, you may use a longer roller, for edges and corners, you may use a smaller nap roller. You might also use a brush along edges of walls.